A COMPLETE Startup System

Streamline your business for long term success

It’s your time to shine!

 ❖ You’ve signed up for a few different freebies and workshops to learn the various facets of what it takes to start a business of your own, but all of this information has left you feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and overworked without any clear guidance on the best steps to take.

 ❖ You have a unique set of experiences and skills in your line of expertise that you have been ready to turn from a hobby to a full on career. You’ve been promised success from other business coaches and programs before, but your lack of results proves that you don't fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. 

 ❖ You are ready to reclaim the freedom and flexibility to do what you love without sacrificing earning a living or your relationships with your friends, family and loved ones. You know this is your time to dedicate to your passions and that you have an important gift to share with the world, but never running a business before makes you fear that you won’t be successful.

We know it can be frustrating, but you no longer need to tread the deep waters of the startup venture journey alone.

Imagine having a strong sense of direction, structure and confidence in your business without spending hours upon hours of your precious time trying to figure it out on your own.

Creative Professional

You can.

The Startup Checklist is your all-in-one solution to:

❖ Feel Empowered and In Control: We provide you with the comprehensive tools, systems and education you need to feel empowered, confident and fully capable to run your own successful start up business.
Stay Organized, Not Overwhelmed: We keep you on course among the ebbs and flows of the entire startup journey with structured modules, an easy to organize business processes binder, and live step-by-step coaching. 
Accelerate Your Dreams into Reality: We help you move your dreams forward full steam ahead through easy waterways. Navigate the full business startup process from start to finish so you can have more time to focus your efforts on sharing your gifts with the world.

Organize every aspect of your business

 Store everything in one place The Startup Checklist is

the first course in The Organized Business Startup System. You will receive a binder that you will use to organize every aspect of your business — your binder will grow as you business grows.

 ❖ Get organized at last! Neatly store all of your important documents.

 ❖ Build your business one step at a time The binder grows as your business grows. Each section includes helpful resources and a checklist of items to include. Add more items with every lap.

 ❖ Get Creative Make it your own! Add pen pouches, business card organizers, folders — get creative and add whatever you need to make you feel in control, in charge, and ready to do your best work.

❖ Get a Business

We teach you how to get your business permits and formally establish your business. It takes just 1 hour.

❖ Create a Product or Service

Create a product or service that will get your company to profitability FAST

❖ Sell it

Create long-term, meaningful relationships with your customers, so you can spend more time helping and less time selling

❖ Handle money ethically

We help you set up everything ethically, legally, and professionally so your business is prepared for funding opportunities

❖ Deliver on your promises

We support you in developing a personal, human approach to creating an ongoing relationship with your clients, so that they keep coming back for more.

6 ❖ Find more customers

We help you create a strong brand that you can amplify using social media, email, and networking to attract new customers that you love

Yanti Amos, Martial Artist/Yoga Teacher

I always knew I wanted to work with someone knowledgable, generous and who had herself struggled with her own issues as a business owner. Suzanne has been my coach throughout this learning curve and I cannot thank her enough for her guidance as I evolved and experienced the ups and downs of this phase of my teaching life.

Suzanne's material is world-class and I love her blend of can-do practical applicable knowledge, her engineer brain and her pedagogical academia. In my mentor sessions with Suzanne, she personally leads you through weekly deep dives with her special brand of intuitive wisdom and outstanding listening skills. Through our regular connection on email, the goal setting and advice received throughout the week, my own ideas grew into course content and I began to see the possibilities for upleveling my business into “evergreen” foundational growth.

I liken Suzanne to a really good book editor and agent who helps in developing your “babies" and giving you confidence to put it out there in the world. She also helped me refine some of my concepts for easy digestion and learning by students. She puts words in my mouth - and because she gets me I love it! Worth mentioning is that Suzanne is a graphic design guru - which is important in terms of seeing your course take both conceptual and physical shape every step of the way.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are living through an extraordinary time of dislocation. But as Suzanne showed me, this is also an extraordinary opportunity for offering connection, learning and value to our communities wherever they may be located in the world.

Peek into the curriculum

  Welcome to the Rowboat
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to build your business 1 step at a time
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 1 - Get a Business
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 2 - Create a Product or Service
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 3 - Sell it
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 4 - Handle money ethically
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 5: Deliver on your promises
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 6 - Find more customer
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sail forward
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve taken courses before and haven’t had much success. What makes yours different?

Feel empowered, confident, and fully capable to lead your own successful business when you take The Startup Checklist. This all-in-one course teaches every aspect of growing a business —from legalizing your business to launching and selling your products and services. We designed this system with your highest priority in mind —- getting your time back to focus on sharing your teachings with the world. 

No more wasting your time piece-mealing your dream business together with one-off workshops, freebies and YouTube videos. We personally guide you through the entire startup journey, helping you create and grow a business that you love through 6 structured modules, a comprehensive business organization binder, and live group accountability coaching. 

Accelerate your dreams into a reality. You no longer have to put together your business support from multiple sources. You receive access to our years of experience across multiple industries to bring you the best expertise in all aspects of your business. 

We also offer you a path to continue to grow a thriving business beyond this course. 

I thought marketing and my online presence was the most important part of my business to begin to make sales. Why are the 6 business steps important?

While marketing is one important aspect of brand building, we often see entrepreneurs get swept up in focusing on messaging instead of what really generates a sustainable income — sales outreach, great follow through, and a caring, personal presence. 

Through our step-by-step system, we guide you through 6 quick steps in sequence so that you build a well-rounded business doing what you love, without sacrificing your time or ability to bring in revenue. Keep overwhelm at bay and focus your time and energy strategically, so you can make real progress towards sharing your work with the world. 

What can I expect to walk away with at the end of this course?

When you join The Startup Checklist, you walk away with:

 ❖ A complete brand that you fully understand and feel confident in running on your own with organized systems in place so you continue to grow beyond this course.

 ❖ New products and services that either create your portfolio or complement your existing portfolio

 ❖ The Organized Business Startup System Binder where you will all important aspects of your startup at hand

 ❖ New customers

What is the time commitment like during the duration of the course? Is everything live or can I go at my own pace?

We know time is one of your greatest values which is why this course is a hybrid of self-paced, pre-recorded modules, live accountability coaching calls, and community discussion boards. Your Organized Business Startup System binder also offers you a tangible way to work on your business throughout the course on your own time or in-real time.