Lisa Barnstrom,

gabb Leadership Team

Lisa Barnstrom, MBA, is currently a consultant to Get a Bigger Boat. She lives in Texas with her husband, two dogs, a canary, and a young adult son who drops by to do his laundry from time to time.

Lisa and founder Suzanne Dulin have been fast friends since their days working together as Instructional Designers for Zebra Technology. Her contributions have been critical to the development of gabb’s training programs and business startup.

For over 27 years, Lisa designed and developed adult learning. She created courses for a wide array of industries, including academia, the commercial sector, and government. 

Lisa Barnstrom
Lisa Barnstrom

Lisa is a leader in the educational field, having presented at national and international conferences. Her specialty is designing training that is artfully clear and simple.

In addition to her experience in education, Lisa is an expert in business startup. She holds an MBA in International Management and taught businesses start up and growth at the college level. 

As a person who manages several disabilities, Lisa has sought to balance her needs to manage her own health with a need for meaningful contribution. She is passionate about gabb’s mission to support people to create small businesses in order to have control over their own schedules.

She loves that through Get a Bigger Boat, she is able to share her art and passion with others while honoring her own body’s needs for rest and care.

Lisa likes to pop into accountability circle meetings and mentor new course creators to help them find simple, effective ways to communicate with heart through online education.

She is also a contributor to gabb's signature Organized Business Startup System courses.