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Sabrina Koncaba

Sabrina Koncaba, MSIA, CISSP, is the founder of Sabrina Koncaba, LLC. She resides in Texas with her cat, Suzie. She enjoys playing the piano, video gaming, reading, and travelling.

Sabrina is a certified Texas teacher and holds a Masters of Science in Information Assurance from Norwich University. Sabrina uses her education and experience to protect people, families and businesses from being victim to a cybercrime. She previously served as Professor and Director of the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Program at Methodist University. While there, she supported and advised students in their respective degree program. Sabrina also helped them achieve cyber security certification and secure job opportunities upon graduation.

Drawing from her own experiences as a college professor and public high school teacher, Sabrina desires to help teachers move out of burnout and overwhelm into a profession where they can be respected and valued for their contribution and professionalism.  

Sabrina Koncaba

Sabrina uses her unique strategy in The Classroom Exit program to help teachers quickly identify and categorize their signature strengths in order to help them focus on opportunities and companies that best meet their needs and values. The Classroom Exit program also includes her easy method for translating “teacher speak” into a resume and LinkedIn profile that any hiring manager or recruiter can appreciate.

Sabrina developed The Classroom Exit because she found herself in a teaching position where she was undervalued, overworked and just plain burned out. She also lacked confidence that she could do anything other than “be a teacher”. 

Sabrina scoured job boards and applied for hundreds of jobs but did not have any luck securing an interview. Learning that traditional job search methods no longer worked, Sabrina developed a framework that could be utilized by teachers to help them quickly facilitate their job search and find opportunities that would help them secure a job that they love. 

Sabrina wanted to ensure that a teacher could quickly find a job without ever again using the application process.

Sabrina Koncaba’s direct and step by step approach holds her client’s hand as they take their first step to “The Classroom Exit”.