Access Your Untapped Energy!

Heal your lymph system

This program is perfect for anyone who is feeling dull, lethargic, fatigued, and burned out. It is ideal for anyone recovering from COVID-19, illness, injury, or surgery.

When you complete this holistic healing program you will have more energy, experience more clarity, and feel healthier and more alive in your body.

This lymphatic cleanse is based on yogic and ayurvedic healing principles. It incorporates herbal remedies, gentle movement, healing routines, and self-care designed to generate an overall feeling of well-being.

During this program you will:

  • Sleep more restfully; have more energy during the day
  • Incorporate simple and soothing rituals into your daily life
  • Eat fresh, seasonal foods that boost your health
  • Practice yoga postures for rejuvenation 
  • Raise your energy with yoga breathwork sessions
  • Make new friends through the private Facebook group and online calls

Inside the Program

In this step-by-step 6 week program of relaxation and rejuvenation you receive:

  • Yoga practice videos: These gentle routines facilitate your lymphatic and immune systems while relieving stress.
  • 20 minute yoga nidra (guided meditation) audio recording. Deah Jenkins guides you into a state of deep relaxation.
  • Practice videos on yoga breathwork, dry brushing, and head massage
  • Nutrition handouts and recipes to enrich your eating routine
  • 2 Online yoga classes to stimulate the movement of lymph
  • Private discussion group to connect with others and get support from Dr. Jenkins
  • Simple and Soothing Selfcare Kit Organic lymph cleanse tea

Study with Deah Jenkins, ph.D.

Deah Jenkins, ph.D. is the owner of One Light Wellness and the creator of the Vitality Restored System. Deah Jenkins is a Mindful Performance Coach with an extensive background in holistic health and integrative personal training.

She is a licensed massage therapist with over 12,000 hours of practice, a certified Yoga Therapist, a Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Teachers (ERYT-500), a clinical herbalist and a medical aromatherapist.

Deah loves helping her clients sleep better, decrease pain, and get back to enjoying their lives with integrative therapies and holistic approach to the art of living well. 

Deah holds a doctoral degree in Plant Medicine. She is an herbal educator who has an herbal apothecary. She produces a highly effective, individualized line of herbal pain reduction creams, exquisite self care oils, and Wellness Tea Formulas including sleepwell teas.

Deah Jenkins Yoga Teacher
yoga lymph cleanse
Lesson 1
From Routine to Ritual

Your instructor gives an overview of everything you need to know for your healing journey.

You'll begin by learning about the systems involved in keeping your body healthy and energized.

Deah explains the conscious eating plan you will follow in the program.

Create a new morning routine by practicing dry brushing.

Rejuvenating morning yoga routine
Lesson 2
Rejuvenating Morning Routine

Each morning you will wake up well rested and you will wake up at the same time each day. 

Then start your day with an ayurvedic ritual that cleanses toxins from your mouth, nasal passages, skin, and liver.

Restorative yoga routine
Lesson 3
Restoring Inner-cise

We all have stress in our lives, but the mismanagement of it affects our physical bodies. 

Using meditation, yoga, and other mindset techniques teaches you how to master your attention and manage stress. Exercise, meditation, and breathwork are a part of your new daily routine in order to help you develop a way to effectively manage stress, limit the production of cortisol, and release it from the body.

Replenishing Eating
Lesson 4
Replenishing Eating

Our food affects our moods and our moods affect the way that we digest. 

In this program you will be eating with your body's natural rhythms of digestion.

This program focuses on taking in nutritiously dense, light foods that help to create a calm, balanced mood.

When you eat good foods at the right time, you will fee. more joy, focus, and awareness.

Relaxing afternoon ritual
Lesson 5
Relaxing Afternoon Ritual

In the afternoon, your body experiences a slowing of energy as your body digests the midday meal. 

During this time of day when you tend to be sleepy, instead of reaching for sugar and caffeine, you will create a safe space for yourself. It's a time to reset. You will re-establish that intention for your day and connect to your inner resource.

Yoga relaxation for stress
Lesson 6
Sleep and Rest

Finally, you will learn to create a regular nighttime ritual that releases the busyness of your day. This ritual frees your mind to relax. It winds you down into restful sleep.

The evening ritual is so important because good deep rest starts before bed time. Then when you are asleep all your energy goes toward detoxing, deep restoration, and replenishing.